Let’s activate your McAfee Security Software. Enter McAfee Activation Key.

How To Activate McAfee?

McAfee is one of the most used security software globally. With its long list of feature-rich antivirus products, McAfee offers the best protection from malware, virus, spam for our devices. But to get the best protection from all kinds of online threats you need to activate McAfee software using the unique McAfee Activation Key. Here We are here to share all the necessary to activate McAfee on your system.

Before proceeding with these advanced steps it will be better to make you aware that you must have a good knowledge of software installation. Not only that if you have some experience over installing McAfee it will help you in a better way. Anyway, for now, let’s concentrate on the steps you need to go with.

To begin with the McAfee Activation the first part you need to go with is the McAfee retail card redemption.

How To Redeem McAfee Retail Card?

  • Firstly, Open a web browser from your computer and go to the link shown on your retail card. It can be like this:
  • Now, Select your country and language.
  • The registration page automatically selects the correct region, but on many occasions it gets wrong. So, before continuing with other major steps Confirm whether the region is correct or not.
  • Then, type the activation code from your retail card and in the next given space put your Email Address.
  • Now Click on the Submit button.
  • If you get prompted, recheck if your Email Address is correct or not. What if your email address shows incorrect? Not to worry. We have the solution for that issue as well. Follow further,
  • Click Edit to return to the previous screen.
  • Correct your email address.
  • Click Verify.
Mcafee Activation Code

Here you go! Your subscription is now activated.

You need to have a McAfee Account to download and install Mcafee on your computer. If you don’t have an account or if there is some issue with the previous accounts you need to create a new one.

Create a McAfee Account

McAfee Activation Support

Creating a McAfee Account is quite easy. Follow these guidelines to create a McAfee Account.

  • At first, Go to
  • Then, Click on the My Account tab
  • Now, to create an account for the first time Click on the Register Now button
  • It will take you to a new webpage. Enter all the necessary details there
  • Put your email address correctly
  • Create a strong password following the on-screen instructions
  • Finally, Click on the submit button
  • Now go to your mailbox. You must get an email from the McAfee Support there
  • Verify your email id from the link given
  • At first, Select the type of device you want to install. It can be Windows or Mac Computer or your smartphone.
  • Now, after choosing the right platform Select the McAfee software you want to install.
  • Then, Click on the Download button.
  • Now, Go through the License Agreement and agree with the agreement.
  • After that, note down the serial number shown. You might be prompted for it later.

TIP: You can keep the browser window open, it will help you to find the serial number easily.

  • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions further to install your McAfee software.

Create a McAfee Account

MCAfee Technical Support

You can install the McAfee Security Products on a different device as well. We will guide you with that too.

Install And Activate McAfee from a Different Device
McAfee Tech Support
First Step: Open the primary computer where you want to start the process

Follow the instructions here.

  • Open a web browser and Go to
  • Now, Click on My Account.
  • Then, Click the Sign In tab.
  • After that Type the following:
  • First, The email address for your McAfee account.
  • Next the password for your McAfee account.
  • Now, Click on the Log in button.
Second Step: Simply Send a download link to the secondary computer(The Device In Which you want to install the security software)
  • Firstly, Click on My Account.
  • Then, Click on the Subscriptions tab.
  • Now, Click Add Device next to the product you want to install.
  • Then, Select the Windows or Mac device type.
  • Next Click Send Link option
  • Then Type the email address for an email account on the PC or Mac that you want to install the software.
  • Now, Click Send Email.
  • An email with a download link is sent to the computer you want to install to.

Third Step: Also on the secondary computer

  • Firstly Open the email application from the computer. If you don’t use an application simply open your account from your web browser.
  • Now, Open the email from McAfee.
  • Then Click the download link in the email.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

You can visit for more information.

McAfee Tech Support Phone Number

Still lagging with the McAfee Activation? We can understand. The steps given cannot be the ultimate solution for all McAfee users. It is not important for everyone to be an expert. That’s why to make your job simpler with the McAfee Activation Process our McAfee Activation Support is available 24/7. Connect with us and activate your McAfee Software with experts’ assistance.